FAQs - Bicycle France
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How do I get there?

Most tour participants have airline miles or airline preferences. A good idea is to arrive and travel to a nearby airport or train station where we will meet you and transport you to the first hotel. At the conclusion of the tour, we will transport you to an airport or another point of departure. Many choose to stay an additional week and visit another country or region.

Do I really have to pedal all the way?

Well sort of. All trips are accompanied by a “sag wagon” passenger van which is there to provide a lift as needed. We have a very updated fleet of Bianchi Road Bikes which pedal easily along roads and bike paths and up and down hills and mountains. In the past two years we have seen the tremendous growth in the popularity of e-bikes in Europe. These bikes contain small motors provide a pedal assist when it’s needed. We have some of the newest models from Bianchi. You can select your level of exercise, type of bike and often route of the day.

Can I drink the water?

We provide bottled water for use on the bike and carry bottled water in the van along with sports drink mix, energy bars and snacks. We have had no problems with water at the high level of hotels and restaurants we visit. We order both still and sparking bottled water at dinners.

What if I'm a picky eater?

With smaller groups, we are usually not required to order a group meal. Most European restaurants have picked up on the need to include gluten-free options and we also address food allergies. Remember, that part of the exploration of new places includes trying the cuisine options. In fact, arriving with some knowledge of the local cuisine will facilitate your ability to communicate with the locals.

What about those crazy drivers?

Safety is our first concern. We try, wherever possible, to follow known or established bike routes. Sometimes these are small roads and increasingly can be bike paths on which bike travel is required by local laws. European countries continue to invest in bicycle infrastructure for both transportation and recreation. We always drive every route before sending you on it to make sure it’s not under repair or a bridge out, etc. This also gives an opportunity to note points which might be confusing, difficult, or where a biker might get lost so that we can pass this information along at the morning “route rap”. It should be reassuring to know that we’ve never lost a biker. The van stays in close contact with the group during the day’s ride.

Who goes on the trips?

Older and younger travellers are well represented, depending on your trip you may meet solo travellers, families and couples, they’ll exhibit a diversity of interests and occupations but all of them share a love of biking, a love for discovering a new place and a love for drink and eating a high level of cuisine.

Are single travelers welcome?

Yes, of course, we’ll assist single travellers in feeling part of the group we can arrange for single occupancy.

Are the vegetarian or vegan welcome?

Yes of course, we’ll get a special menu from breakfast to dinner

How big are the groups usually?

The average group size is 12 the maximum number is 16 the minimum is 8. Our philosophy is “smaller is better!”

What kind of shape do i have to be in for the trip?

Some trips are more challenging than others, means there are more mountain passes or hills. If you are a strong rider or beginner you will enjoy the riding and your shape must be the least of your worries as we have the option of e-bikes and the van is always nearby.

How do i improve my shape?

Once you reserve a trip with us and you want to improve your shape we are really happy to help you, we’ll put in contact directly with one of our two former pro-cyclists and he’ll give you a personal schedule of specific training tips.

Do you offer a honeymoon registry?

YES! We got knowledge for a perfect honeymoon with romantic destination especially in France and Italy, superb lodgings and cuisine in places still less crowded.

How far in advance should i book my trip?

Is our opinion that to plan all details takes a long time so we recommend reserving at least four to six months before the trip you’re interested in departs. For special requests, we’ll do all possible to organize a tour on short notice.

What is included in the trip?

Pick up and return to arrival and departure train stations and airports. Hotels, dinners, and breakfasts. Use of a bike of your choice (road, hybrid, e-bike), maps and directions, any repairs required, luggage transport, knowledgeable bilingual guides and much fun.

How do your leaders support the bikers?

One leader drives the support van, many times we use two vans that during the day providing lifts and assistance as needed. Another leader rides with the group moving between the first and last one, he’ll give you support and instruction.