Best of France & Italy — the scenery, the sights, and the cuisine
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Who We Are

We are based in Colorado, a well known center of cycling interest. We also have base facilities, tour equipment and bike fleets in Luynes, France and Pietravairano, Italy. Individuals involved in the company and tour operations: Bill Wildberger, Managing Director, has served on the Colorado Governors Council for Fitness, Director of the Colorado Mountain Club Rock Climbing School, Marketing Projects Director Colorado Ski Country and Managing Director of LeMond Bicycles. A lawyer, he is also certified in CPR and Sports Injury First Aid and has organized and led bicycle tours for more that thirty-five years.

Barbara Wildberger Bieber, Minitress of Culture, has served as Director of the Denver Public Schools School Psychology Department, Mental Health Consultant to the Colorado Department of Education, executive Director of the Colorado Mental Health Association. She has extensive knowledge of art history, architecture and regional cuisine and also has thirty-five years of bike tour leadership experience.

Cristian Auriemma, a former professional cyclist and member of the Italian National Cycling Team, oversees tour planning and manages our Italian base facility including the company’s fleet of Bianchi carbon fiber road bikes. He is very knowledgeable in the food and wines of Italy and can converse in four languages. An overall fun guy to ride with along with his extensive cycling experience Cristian brings an additional element of safety on the route.

Eric LeChat grew up in a wine producing family and ran the French Wine Concession at the Epcot Center in Florida. A former rental car and now parking facility executive, he runs ultra marathons. Having grown up with a family member who was involved in the Tour de France, he is quite knowledgeable about French cycling history as well as French culture, cuisine and wine.

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