Specialise in guided, holidays in France’s & Italy's most beautiful area
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About Us

After more than thirty years of experience in organizing and leading bike tours in many European countries, we are focused on private group tours. Many of our clients have returned regularly and brought along new friends. Other groups are clubs or families, ranging in size from 6 to 14 participants. This private tour approach allows us to structure an experience for each group based upon the desired mileage, exercise level, accommodations and cultural interests such as art, history, food and wine. As a result, we have a high level of repeat participants ranging in age from 11 years to youthful 80 year olds.

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Who We Are

We are based in Colorado, a well known center of cycling interest. We also have base facilities, tour equipment and bike fleets in Luynes, France and Pietravairano, Italy. Individuals involved in the company and tour operations: Bill Wildberger, Managing Director, has served on the Colorado Governors Council for Fitness, Director of the Colorado Mountain Club Rock Climbing School, Marketing Projects Director Colorado Ski Country and Managing Director of LeMond Bicycles. A lawyer, he is also certified in CPR and Sports Injury First Aid and has organized and led bicycle tours for more that thirty-five years.

Feel Free To Call Us

303 638-5506


We have a fleet of Bianchi road bicycles based in Italy and LeMond bikes in France which are soon to be replaced by additional bikes from Bianchi. When road conditions or client preference requires, we can provide Hybrid style bikes. We are looking forward to the arrival of new e-bikes from Bianchi. The e-bike is very popular in Europe and has added a new dimension to bike touring being both an equalizer and making the bike touring experience available to some who would not otherwise be able to participate.


Our primary concern is safety on and off the road. We accompany our groups with nine passenger vans which contain repair supplies, first aid kits, extra food and fluids and can provide a lift in instances where fatigue, weather or too much wine for lunch require it. We never send tour participants down a road we haven't seen. There is a growing trend to create bike paths and dedicated bike routes even across Europe which we use where available. All bikes are equipped with daytime visible tail lights.


Touring with BF is both a unique and fun experience. Whether traveling with friends, family, or on your own, you can share the excitement of a biking adventures with others who are equally enthusiastic. With the insights of local guides, BF brings the culture of a region to life. Exploring small museums, local shops, and back roads creates lasting memories. BF guides, including former professional cyclists, share their bike handling expertise, to make the cycling experience even more enjoyable. Tours can be customized to meet dietary, cultural interest, easier or more challenging routes and level of hotel accomodations.