Brittany Normandy - Bicycle France
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About This Project

The North of France is known for incredible historic sites dating back to pre-Roman times. We’ll be amazed by the image of the Norman Conquest of 1066 as depicted in the famous Bayeux Tapestry. Biking from museum to memorial and along the beaches, we’ll commemorate the place where Allied troops first landed some seventy years ago on D-day, June 7, 1944. Along our route in Normandy we’ll enjoy the luxury of chateaux hotels and indulge in the dairy products from local farms along with apple cider and calvados brandy. Seafood from the North Atlantic and English Channel as well as oysters from the charming fishing village of Cancale will fuel our pedaling – not to mention crepes of many flavors. Not to be missed is the dramatic Gothic abbey, Mont Saint-Michel, the second most visited site in France. We’ll explore the medieval “City of the Corsairs,” St-Malo, and the coast line of Le Manche, the English Channel, with it’s enormous tides. From time to time we’ll use the van to skip a few kilometers of pedaling to ensure that we have time to see all the highlights. To see everything in these two regions might surely take a lifetime.