Loire Valley - Bicycle France
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About This Project

The Loire Valley is our home base and we are taking you there to reveal a very special location, which we have enjoyed for many years, the village of Luynes. Located just a few kilometers west of Tours and one hour from Paris by TGV high-speed train this medieval village has much to offer. In the village center are16th Century houses and just a short distance away a Roman aqueduct. Overlooking the village is the chateau of the Duke of Luynes. The Loire Valley countryside is lush with forests, fields of sunflowers awaiting harvest, extensive gardens and vineyards yielding numerous varieties of tasty wines. We will pedal village to village through fields and orchards in this, the “Garden of France.” We also will visit many of the best known of the magnificent chateaux located just nearby in the ”Valley of the Kings”. Finally, Luynes boasts a new boutique hotel and fantastic restaurant already given note by Michelin’s cuisine experts. Developed by the Pascal family, also our hosts while in Luynes, this recently opened relais is centrally located in the historic village. While modern in facilities and presentation, at the same time it preserves many of the buildings period features. Since we first organized our initial bike tour here in the Loire many of the roads on which we then pedaled have become part of the extensive “La Loire a Velo” bike route which now stretches from the Atlantic coast eastward to Orleans and beyond.