Dordogne - Bicycle France
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About This Project

The real France can still be found in this southwestern region defined by the Dordogne and Lot River Valleys. Known for it’s picturesque fortified villages, remnants of the Hundred Years War, the region is home to such gastronomic delicacies as foie gras , confit du canard and pommes Sarladaise . And yet, even with these fat laden offerings this region has the lowest incidence of heart health problems of any region of France. How can that be? Enter the French Paradox resulting from the Malbec based wines of Cahors which serve to counteract the effects of the heavy local diet. Highlighting our visit are the cave paintings left by our Cro Magnon ancestors. As in our more recent tours, we will stay at the very best hotels of the region all members of the Relais & Chateaux Collection where we can relax in style after pedaling the hills and valleys. We’ll have time to visit the well known market town of Sarlat and an optional visit to Bordeaux after our tour’s conclusion.